At BITE we examine the potential of existential and functional forms to create a sustainable universe that evokes desire today and joie de vivre for tomorrow.

For us, authentic luxury is an expression that transcends all things, past and present. We continuously review and revisit ideas, rituals and cultural artifacts in a restless pursuit of beauty and experiences that inspire awe, ignite passion, and cultivate new thoughts.

The vision guiding our efforts is of a world in which time and space are aligned to a more human scale. BITE exists to make that vision tangible through luxury created with care, craft and spirit. We want to provide a haven for authentic experiences that incite joy, deepen the connection with each other, and awaken our senses to the beauty of the world around us.

Our vision of sustainability – the world made exquisite

We are firm believers in the cultural, physical, and metaphysical staying power of the exquisitely made. This belief forms the foundation of our approach to sustainability.

In essence, it's about a desire to create something worthwhile and meaningful that carries over our own passion for beauty - designs and items made well enough to transcend shifting seasons and tastes and considered enough to sustain the environment and our shared planet. Clothing that wears well in terms of style and construction.

The bar we have set ourselves is high. We want to create exquisite items and keep our impact on the environment at a minimum. To meet and transcend these criteria, we continuously make critical decisions about our designs and materials. Creating the exquisite means saying no a lot.

Rather than viewing the exquisitely made as a task to finish, it functions as our north star. It keeps us present, conscious, and on our toes in our life and work, guiding our every cut, design, creative decision, audit of suppliers, and choice of materials.

For us, sustainability is ultimately about making life more beautiful by creating fully realized luxury products. Because with beauty comes well-being. And with well-being, a deep desire to let all life thrive.

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