BITE Material guide

The BITE material guide is continually updated and shows the fibers we work with in our garments. In short, we have restricted ourselves to only using fibers that adhere to our standard of carefully selected and approved fibers listed below, and to be uncompromising in this policy when creating our products. Each BITE collection since our inception has reached above 96% adherence, and the last four collections have exceeded 98%.

When measuring our adherence the percentage is calculated on each individual style and full composition. For example a trouser containing 98% Organic cotton and 2% Virgin elastane will be calculated as 98% adherence and 2% not adhering to our standards. For us a product is not 100% approved until its material is truly 100% within our approved fibers. This is what we consider fair and a true way of measuring, that exceeds all industry standards.

The last 2% left in our adherence we are continuously striving to eliminate to end up at 100%. The percentage we are not reaching today is mainly due to a small percentage of elastane for comfort that in some cases are difficult to replace with recycled versions or other fibers, or small percentages of non-certified fibers not possible to exclude or exchange to organic or recycled versions yet.


BITE fiber benchmark 

Fibers to be used in BITE products 

Organic silk

Organic ‘peace’ silk

Organic wool

Organic cotton

Organic linen

Organic hemp


Recycled cotton

Recycled wool

Recycled cashmere

Recycled elastane

Recycled polyamide

Recycled polyester

TENCEL™ Lyocell


Responsible wool, certified 

Viscose, certified

Acetate, certified


Other Low impact material

New innovations with incentives to decrease environmental impact supported by LCA (Life cycle assessment), or other industry approved tool.

Fibers not to be used in BITE products 

Virgin polyester

Virgin polyamide

Virgin elastane

None certified viscose


Conventional cotton

Conventional wool

Conventional silk

Conventional Cashmere

Animal  skin


Feather & down



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