BITE Artist Collaborations


BITE is a collective of creative thinkers and we welcome collaboration with like-minded artists, gallerists, and craftspeople.

We have joined forces with emerging and established artists on a range of work including natural dyeing techniques, prints, hand-made jewellery, sound and video installations. These works form part of the BITE universe, and are sold in select stores and online. They might even be given a second life in the BITE Archive.

Text: Tamsin Blanchard
Photography: Suzanne Elvi

gala colivet dennison -
Collection NO. 3

Gala studied fine art , working mainly in large-scale sculpture using industrial materials before transitioning into jewellery.

She works intuitively and creates everything by hand in her London studio. More than just an accessory, jewellery to her is an “extension of the body”— it is part of a person’s identity and history and for that reason she creates pieces with the extent to empower.

Gala uses recycled silver and sources gemstones through ethical traders. For this collaboration Gala used silver and baroque pearls.

A limited edition of 20 pieces per style made.


Aisha Christison – Collection NO. 3

Favouring a more idiosyncratic painterly style, Christison collects imagery from a diverse range of sources before arranging them on a painted surface that often betrays the normal conventions of dimensional fields. Working predominantly in oil and watercolour, she tries to treat colour like a subject in the painting by allowing the imagery to bring out and amplify the properties of the colour.

For this collaboration, we treated the artworks as stand-alone pieces — not treating them as prints but re-purposing the artworks in fine organic silks.
The artworks have been printed on Organic Peace Silk, hand-made and finished in London.

A limited edition of 100 pieces per style made.